What's Your Favorite Home Workout?

So we are all in the same boat.  We really are limited on where we can go to workout.  I was accustomed to dropping my kids off at school and heading straight to a workout at one of my favorite local studios.  Some people are struggling with their "at home" workouts, so I decided to fill you in on what's been making me feel healthy and strong over the past 6 months.  

1. Peloton - guess what?  you don't need the bike to do their workouts!  I happen to have the bike, which is amazing, but the app is also a great way to squeeze in an intense workout.  Get ready for a sweaty, but super fun workout!  Shout out to my all time favorite instructor, Ally Love (pictured below) who is so motivating on and off the bike.  www.lovesquad.com

If cycling isn't your thing, the app has so much to offer.  Strength training classes, core programs, and the new dance workouts!  You can even sprinkle in a little yoga and meditation.  We might all benefit from that these days!   



Photo credit:  @allymisslove


2. Tracy Anderson Method - a workout that's very unique.  I was intrigued by the workout for a long time, but decided to give it a go.  There is a 14 day free trial.  Definitely recommend the trial before committing.  I started it in May and have really enjoyed it.  The first time I did it, I had mixed feelings.  Give it a week or two before really deciding.  Oh, and Tracy does not speak to you during the class.  You mimic all of her moves.  I originally thought this was odd, but have grown to love it.  Check it out!!  www.tracyanderson.com


 Photo credit:  @tracyandersonmethod

3. Chaise Fitness Maplewood, NJ - offering zoom classes and outdoor classes to local clients.  Best way to describe it- a mix of pilates, cardio and dance all in one!  Really fun workouts.  Check out Claudia and her team!!


Photo credit:  @chaisefitnessnj


What's been your favorite at home workout?  We would love to hear!