Christmas is around the corner.  Are you someone who finishes their shopping well before Thanksgiving?  Or are you the shopper who is running out on Christmas Eve buying those last minute gifts?  Well, we have you covered if you are still shopping!  And if you are really last minute, you can always email a gift card!  Here are our top five 2023 gifts.  Plus, we are offering 20% off until December 23rd!  And free local delivery for our local customers.  


1. The perfect legging

Check out our latest arrival from Varley.  The ebony cheetah legging.  Added bonus:  side pockets!

Varley Ebony Legging

These are super soft and flattering with a subtle animal print.  Pair with a variety of our Varley tops for the perfect on the go outfit.  


2.  For the girl that loves to travel 

We have been carrying ANDI bags for over 5 years.  There's a reason why we love them.  They are the perfect everyday bag for travel, work, commuting, name it!  Gotta love this large, black diamond pattern.  So many amazing you can throw it in the washing machine!  Doesn't get much better than that.  

3.  The bargain shopper

We get it.  Not everyone is ok with paying full price for merchandise.  We have to admit, we also love an amazing sale.  Here's one of our items that's currently on sale (plus on extra 20% off through Dec 23!).  


This Drapey V Back Top is adorable on!  And at a great price!  Shop it now before it's too late!  

4.  Comfort & Cozy

Who doesn't love to throw on a top and immediately feel cozy in it!  So many of the Varley tops are super comfortable, but you can't beat their double soft fabric.  Check out the Yates Half-Zip.  Cozy and versatile in the black color way.  


5.  Plain Jane

Who doesn't always need another pair of black leggings?  Check out these super soft black leggings from Glyder.  These are insanely comfortable and flattering!!  

Glyder Black legging


Happy Holidays!  Feel free to reach out if you are still struggling with gift ideas!  We are here to help!